First Choice Organics

Practical Solutions For Profitable Organic Growing

Learn best practice, grow meaningful connections and implement

real solutions. Learn how to produce nutrient dense, flavourful produce,

safely and efficiently. Learn how to increase profits through lowering

input costs while reducing your ecological foot print.

Ecological Food Production 
Conference 2020


Further your knowledge and make a difference

  • Learn the latest techniques and practices in organic growing
  • Hear from the experts who will share the latest knowledge and research
  • Listen to those who are successfully farming and producing in these difficult times
  • Learn how to be prepared for the effects of climate changes
  • Mix with like-minded people and establish connections for provide future support

Who Should Attend

  • All producers and growers their partners and families
  • Existing beef dairy and sheep and other livestock farmers
  • Aspiring producers and growers
  • Those wanting to increase their production while becoming sustainable
  • Those who are passionate about preserving our soils
  • Ergonomists and consultants
  • Researches and students

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About First Choice Organics

We will provide you with applicable outcomes to improve production:
to increase sustainability and provide practical solutions. We achieve this via a line-up of outstanding international speakers and facilitating productive networking opportunities.

First Choice Organics Primary Activities

  • Promoting sourcing and selling high quality wholesale organic produce
  • Information sharing education training and technical support for our members
  • Product storage transport and distribution services for our members
  • Bulk purchasing of inputs for our members

Awareness Goals

  • To provide education, learning opportunities and facilitate connections to our delegates.
  • To increase our social media reach.
  • To improve access to educational events.

Development and Improvement Goals

  • To provide education, learning opportunities and facilitate connections to our delegates.
  • To increase our social media reach
  • To improve access to educational events.

Development and Improvement Goals

  • To provide members with access to research papers and journal articles

Our Conference Experience

To further our commitment, we have a number of additions to  our two-day program.
This includes opportunities and activities for you to network and connect with your fellow producers.

    Our Commitment to the Organic Food Industry

    First Choice Organics is a not-for-profit cooperative that’s primary objective is to promote quality organic produce, support a sustainable and vibrant market for growers and protect and preserve natural resources.

    Our Farming Specialists and Program Committee

    Gary Frankel

    Gary Frankel

    Gary is an organic producer of blueberries, avocados, cherry tomatoes, limes, melons and bananas. Gary is a qualified naturopath.

    Marc Percival

    Marc Percival

    Marc manages his own agronomy consultancy Agrisence. Marc was previously an Organic farming consultant at ACO a grower of Russian garlic, a plant nutrition advisor and a biological farming consultant.

    Dr Helen Bryant

    Dr Helen Bryant

    Helen is a biodynamic producer a variety of citrus fruits, horseradish, asparagus and other seasonal vegetables. She lives on a 100 acre property surrounded by lush rain forest in Upper Orara.

    First Choice Organics Co-operative Member Benefits

    First Choice Organics is Coffs Harbour’s only Wholesale Organic Not for Profit Cooperative that supports the sale and production of organic products in the Mid North Coast.

    The co-operative negotiates consistent high prices for its members. It is set up exclusively for the benefit of its members. Any surplus is to be used to benefit the members and our local community.

    No one is too big or too small to join. Our members range in size from small single producers to large multi-product farms. Collectively, First Choice Organics members will be producing most of the fresh organic produce for the mid north coast.

    100% Organic

    As a First Choice Organics member you will:

    • Have access to both local and national markets
    • Be part of the coop that can negotiate the best prices for your products
    • Meet, exchange information and share experiences with other growers
    • Gain access to practical resources and training to support your business venture
    • The coop can bulk purchase inputs at a lower costs
    • Have access to our agronomist
    • Have assistance with gaining and maintaining organic certification
    • Be able to discuss and plan your next crop

    How do I join?

    Complete the membership application form and send it with your conference registration.

    Local Merchants




    I’m an Organic Farmer because I want to spruce and grow my food locally.

    I need to know that my family and other families know where their food comes from and that they are grown sustainably and without dangerous pesticides.

    -Joe Blofgg, Organic Dairy Farmer.

    Become a Conference presenter

    • Share your experience, your own action research project and other developments in your field of business
    • Get hands on engagement by hosting a workshop
    • Get feedback on your future planning ideas.
    • Increase your visibility and connections.

    How to apply

    • Select your topic
    • Choose your style
    • Submit your application
    • Applications must include a 100 work biography, overview of your presentation and your top three learning points 

    100% Organic

    Presentation topics

    • Soil health
    • Regenerative agriculture
    • Crop health and quality
    • Biodynamics
    • Pollination
    • Transiting to integrated pest management and weed control

    Presentation style

    • Oral talk for 20 mins featuring a question and answer time
    • Panel – unite with others to discuss the latest trends or challenges
    • Poster – Show case your project or property in the min? Exhibition area
    • Workshop – host a facilitate an interactive discussion?
    • Video – make a 10 min video to be shown through the conference

    Featured Conference Presenters

    Over the 2 day Conference there will be speakers talking on their speciality subject. 

    These presenters have the most up to date knowledge in the marketplace today.
    There will also be break-out group discussion with your special interests etc. etc.

    Jeremy Winer

    Thermal methods of weed control – their efficacy on weeds in horticultural crops; and effects on soil life In his presentation, Jeremy will speak about his investigation into thermal weed control worldwide and why there had to be a better way. Jeremy has developed...

    Kim Deans

    Kim is a Regenerative Agriculture Coach, Facilitator and Educator who is inspired by nature, systems thinking, permaculture, holistic management, biodynamic farming & gardening. Kim is passionate about nourishing food grown in healthy, living soils and about...

    Jacky Williams

    30 years applied research in Natural Resource Management (NRM) in Australia having worked at local, regional, state and national levels in a variety of capacities including community NGOs, Local/State Government and research organisations.  Areas of expertise includes...

    Kym Green

    Kym Green is a fifth-generation fruit producer from South Australia, who started down the biological path in 2000 and incorporated biodynamic farming practices in 2005. Kym was a Nuffield scholar in 1993 to look at high density apple and cherry systems in Europe and...

    Richard Makim

    Richard is a devoted grass farmer and noted beef producer. He has been a pioneer in regenerating pasture health through intensive holistic systems of grazing and land care. He has been a leader in this movement and shares his vocation and interest with communities...

    Hugo & Helen Disler

    Hugo and Helen are passionate to support farmers to farm without chemicals. They started Farming Secrets with the vision to film successful farmers and experts sharing their knowledge on how to grow a healthy soil with less stress, less inputs but with more profits....

    Shane Joyce

    Shane was born into a largely unaltered landscape.  He then witnessed the modification due to tree clearing with machine & chemical.  Observing the post clearing spike in production, soon to be followed by the decline in production & landscape health, inspired...

    Tim Marshall

    Tim Marshall is the author of the bestselling compost book, Compost: the ultimate organic guide to recycling your garden, and three other books, Bug, Weed and The New Organic Gardener. Tim has visited over 2,500 certified organic farms in Australia and more than 2,000...

    Helen McCosker

    Helen McCosker is passionate about regenerative farming and regenerative communities. She and her husband live on their cattle and mixed cropping farm at Wallangra, regional NSW. In response to the worst drought in NSW's recorded history, she co-founded a charity to...

    Frank & Diane Sciacca

    The Sciacca's have spent the last 30 years refining their unique trademark certified Ecoganic farming system, which saw them named the FNQ Growers 2019 Charlie Nastasi horticultural farmers of the year. Their journey began in the last 1980s when they were looking to...

    Carolyn Suggate

    Carolyn Suggate is a driven, passionate, multi-skilled, resourceful, organic farmer, strong advocate for equality & a team player.  Carolyn has been involved in certified organics for the past 15 years selling lamb, chickens, eggs and beef direct to customers....

    Andre Leu

    Andre Leu is the International Director of Regeneration International, an organisation that promotes food, farming and land use systems that regenerate and stabilise climate systems, the health of the planet and people, communities, culture and local economies,...

    Vanessa Vigar

    Vanessa is a naturopath and researcher involved in natural medicine and nutrition research. She is currently the Clinical Research Program Manager for Integria Healthcare where she co-ordinates the clinical research arm of the R&D division. Other research areas...

    Marc Percival

    Marc Percival

    Marc manages his own agronomy consultancy Agrisense. Marc was previously an Accredited Organic farming consultant with ACO and a Teacher at NSW TAFE, a grower of russian garlic, a plant nutrition advisor and a biological farming consultant. Marc is a long-term member...

    Dr. Elaine Ingham

    Dr. Elaine Ingham

    Dr. Elaine Ingham, B.A., M.S., Ph.D. Founder and President, Soil Foodweb Inc. Director, Soil Food Web School Dr. Ingham has pioneered research in the field of Soil Biology over the last 4 decades and is widely recognized as the world's foremost soil biologist. Behind...

    Tony Hill

    Tony Hill

    Tony teaches Holistic Management in NSW and is an accredited professional with the Savory Institute. With a background in economics, policy making, regional development, ecology and biodiversity, he has worked for government and consulted on design applications for...

    Uncle Mark Flanders

    Uncle Mark Flanders

    Brief Bio for Uncle Mark Flanders – Gumbaynggirr Elder Uncle Mark Flanders is an Aboriginal Elder, descendent of the Gumbaynggirr & Bundjalung Nations. Uncle Mark is Chairperson of Garlambirla Guuya Girwaa Elders Group of the Coffs Harbour District in northern NSW...

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