Helen McCosker is passionate about regenerative farming and regenerative communities. She and her husband live on their cattle and mixed cropping farm at Wallangra, regional NSW. In response to the worst drought in NSW’s recorded history, she co-founded a charity to support and “put the heart back into our land, our farmers, and our rural communities.”

Out of that journey, Carbon8 has emerged as a long-term practical solution to help farmers be resilient to drought by pulling carbon out of the atmosphere and putting it back where it belongs – in the soil. Helen was awarded the young rural woman of the year, alumnae of the year and recently received the National Carbon Cocky Award for outstanding performance in new management process with Carbon Farmers of Australia.

With a monthly subscription, farmers are given a financial incentive to increase the carbon in their soil and keep it there. They receive $8 a hectare for every percentage of carbon that is measured in their soil. This creates a modest but consistent income to help farmers maintain and assist in regenerating their farm ecosystem.

Regenerative practices that help create healthy soils (and, in turn, healthy food) include Holistic Grazing, no-till farming, maintaining ground cover, multi-species cover crops, crimp rolling, pasture cropping and many other innovations. Donations help farmers update their knowledge and equipment, change grazing management, buy seeds and protect biodiversity. In fact, anything that helps get the carbon in the soil.

Carbon8 was created for farmers, by farmers, and is designed to be an ongoing long-term sustainable support for farmers who want to transition to regenerative agriculture. We ensure the farmer has the latest resources and support helping them successfully put carbon back into their soil.