Hugo and Helen are passionate to support farmers to farm without chemicals. They started Farming Secrets with the vision to film successful farmers and experts sharing their knowledge on how to grow a healthy soil with less stress, less inputs but with more profits. The result? Happy farmers producing nutrient rich food for all and building a viable farm for future generations

Hugo is a mentor to many farmers who benefit from his vast experience and the attitude that one should never stop honing their skills. He says he will continue to be a student of farming for the rest of his life. Although his innovative style of farming knowledge surprises those who are used to a more traditional farming practices, those who act on his advice soon incorporate his strategies as an essential part of profitable farming. He has spent what many would consider to be a fortune on expanding his knowledge, regularly travelling the country to rub shoulders with the most respected and successful authorities in ground-breaking farming.

Hugo Disler is co-founder of Farming Secrets. Hugo’s ability to connect with farmers and understand the real issues makes his Farming Secrets one of the most highly sought-after information networks on sustainable, easy, profitable farming in the world.

Using world experts in farming, Hugo is able to demonstrate how to farm profitably. Hugo says he wants the people who join him to walk away with actual tools they can apply the next day to bring about immediate results.

Hugo stresses to anyone that he does not advocate “get rich overnight” schemes, but what he does advocate is that there are easy, natural ways to farm that will not only save you money and increase your profits but also protect the health of your crops and livestock.