Thermal methods of weed control – their efficacy on weeds in horticultural crops; and effects on soil life

In his presentation, Jeremy will speak about his investigation into thermal weed control worldwide and why there had to be a better way.

Jeremy has developed saturated steam weed control. The Australian developed technology has been further refined and has now been in use for many years, with successful case studies and trials.

As organic producers, delegates will know that going organic is not just about ‘not spraying herbicides’; it’s about a change of behaviour to a range of strategies. The use of saturated steam has had particular success with difficult weeds proving a valuable part of a grower’s toolkit.

Soil chemistry is not affected, as only water is added to the soil.

Microbial life has been tested in soil from a treated test patch, with an increase recorded.

Jeremy will cite case studies including the recent DPI vineyards trial, the EMRC ‘Steaming to Success’ trial, a blueberry farm, tea tree farm and ‘Bio Farm’ SA vegetable farm.

As an adjunct to weeding crops the saturated steam machine is great for presentation around customer areas and weed control for fence lines. It’s safe for you and your family and has a portable bio-security washdown and equipment sanitiser function.

Jeremy will share 7 steps necessary to implement and document the efficacy of their thermal weed control program.

Learning outcomes and resources

Delegates will gain an understanding of the challenges of transitioning from low cost chemicals to adopting effective non-toxic methods; or add to their strategies. They’ll hear about successful programs including those with difficult rural weeds.

A roadmap of actions to navigate a change in strategies; and a customisable template of the 7 steps for implementation will be available as online resources.

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Biography  – Jeremy Winer

Jeremy Winer, is the Managing Director of Weedtechnics, specialising in providing chemical reduction and non-toxic weed control programs across Australia, the USA and Canada. He has developed, patented and manufactured the Satusteam© method of weed control.

Along with roles at Marsupial Landscape Management and ESD Landscape Contractors, Jeremy has over 30 years of practical experience. He has been working closely with horticultural producers to develop accessories for farm machines to deliver effective results