Kim is a Regenerative Agriculture Coach, Facilitator and Educator who is inspired by nature, systems thinking, permaculture, holistic management, biodynamic farming & gardening. Kim is passionate about nourishing food grown in healthy, living soils and about empowering farmers to transform their lives, relationships and landscapes to create an enjoyable and profitable businesses from a foundation of soil health.   Kim has a Masters in Agriculture and Bachelor of Rural Science.

Since December 2004 Kim and her husband have owned 20 acres of granite country near Tingha that had been sluiced for tin at the turn of the 20th century.  In early 2011 Angus & Kim had the opportunity to participate in a Soil Carbon Research Programme SCaRP that was examining soil carbon levels in the top 30 cm of the soil.  By increasing the organic matter, we store more water which grows more grass and increases the organic matter and so on it goes. This improved organic matter supports much more soil biology and biodiversity that is essential to counter the effects of a changing climate and enable not just sustainable, but regenerative farm management.

The property was impacted by the Tingha Plateau bushfire in February after over a year dealing with ongoing and severe drought conditions previously.  Kim will talk about not only surviving drought but recovering form bushfire.