Tim Marshall is the author of the bestselling compost book, Compost: the ultimate organic guide to recycling your garden, and three other books, Bug, Weed and The New Organic Gardener. Tim has visited over 2,500 certified organic farms in Australia and more than 2,000 certified organic farms in 30 other countries. Peter Cundall says: ‘Tim Marshall has long been a legend in Australia as an outstanding communicator, writer and broadcaster, specialising in organic techniques.

A leader in organic agriculture and certification in Australia for 40 years and a significant contributor to organic standards and certification in worldwide forums. Tim was a co-founder of Australia’s first organic certifier NASSA in 1987, the first Organic Guarantee Systems Coordinator for the world peak body in organics IFOAM in 2001, and the main author of numerous certification standards and guidebooks. He was deputy Chair of Organic Federation of Australia Board for most of the 2000 decade.

Tim Marshall founded TM Organics Pty Ltd in 2006. TM Organics was the main organic consulting and training company in the Asia-pacific region. TM Organics worked with some of the largest agriculture enterprises in Australia, including the largest producers of wine grapes, apples, mangoes, avocados, and very large producers of wool, beef and nuts, before it closed in 2014. TM Organics clients included the largest organic grain and dairy producers in Australia and the largest area of contiguous organic cropland in the world.

In Asia Tim has worked with large cooperatives consisting of hundreds of small-scale coffee, tea, cocoa, coconut and spice producers.

Tim has helped many businesses to become certified including food handlers and processors, manufacturers of organic and biological fertilisers, organic pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, water treatment systems, organic and herbal medicines and cosmetics.

Current positions

Chair, Organic Trust Australia – Research and Education (OTARE) http://organictrustaustralia.org.au

Chair, Organic Consumers Association of Australia http://organic-consumers.com.au

PhD student, University of New England